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Education and Transition Services

Nine9Line Education is an idealism that all servicemen, women & their families deserve a bright future. Utilizing our own unique team of navigators to approach continued higher education, support services to help during, and the outcomes warranted to all those who served.

Peer 2 Peer Support

This program is an underlying theme with Nine9Line, reaching out to conduct one-on-one “Triage Development”, this will ensure the individual success of our clients, their families & the overall continued success of the program.

Higher Education Referrals

Highlighting the execution & process of picking the right program, to follow the right institution of higher learning. Navigating a school where you intend to gain precious work insight, credible certifications and degrees to further the result of success.

  • 2-year Technical, 4-year bachelors & success to become a scholar throughout the choice of masters or doctorate.
  • Understanding the process to gain, earn and sustain a credible position in the private/ public sector.
  • Detailed explanation of gaining knowledge to military education benefits, getting the most out of your experience & determining what other avenues of support are available to you to help sustain your pursuit.

Education Benefits Breakdown

The journey from service to civilian is a complicated one, to have to re-learn all the intricacies of life of every day is hard enough, but now with Nine9Line we have the ability for you to come in, sign up for your benefits & have it completed before you leave.

  • Post 9-11 G.I Bill, Montgomery G.I Bill, Chapter 35, Title 10 & more
  • VA Work Study Program, State Work Study Program
  • Tuition Assistance Education
  • Yellow Ribbon Schools
  • In vs. Out state tuition

One-On-One Navigation

Through your endeavors, you will hit roadblocks, that where are one-on-one navigation comes into play. Dependents, service members, Veterans alike can receive help with.

  • Jobs
  • Financial Education, budgeting & savings “SALT”
  • Community resources
  • Housing navigation & support
  • Emergency funds & services

Triage Development & ED Success Plans

From day one you will receive an higher education plan from your institution on what classes you need for your degree track, our role is to identify the support you will need for your day-to-day support so you can focus on your education. Our success plans outline what you will need to complete the next mission & carry forward to your overall completion from scholar to the work market & beyond.

  • Books, tuition, food, on-campus support
  • Overall support for continued student & family success